A clear conscience


The opening of the “News of the World” trial brings into focus the thorny issue of ethical standards in business.

Increasingly, companies are required to publish their ethical policies, but such documents don’t in themselves  create and maintain good practice.

Leadership does.

Positive leadership requires judgement wisdom and integrity in addition to business acumen. And that is what is being called into question in this high profile case.

Leaders have to continuously balance the driving purpose of their business with wider considerations of corporate and social responsibility. How do they do that? If it were merely a case of ensuring that their actions and policies conformed to relevant legislation and agreements, it would be simple, but normally the question is much more complex. And it’s this complexity that an independent coach or communications advisor can really help to manage.

Good communication requires clarity and consistency, so when we help our clients manage their communications with diverse stakeholders we frequently uncover…. and help to correct …inconsistent policies and unclear strategies.

Similarly our leadership coaching often reveals issues that have been glossed over- or even ‘wilful blindness’ to painful conflicts of interest which need to be addressed.

Our advantage lies in being able to stand back from the heat of the moment, or the web of politics surrounding an issue, and help the leader think more clearly about the path they need to take.